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From Monday, January 15, 2018, we will be clamping down on erring petrol stations.
Of the 124 banks surveyed, most reported that the crisis had led to a "substantial deterioration" in their ability to fund themselves on the markets, with 30% citing this fact as a reason for toughening loan terms, which include raising interest rates, limiting loan size and clamping down on eligible collateral.
Is Iran behind the rebels, as the current regime claims, or<br/>is it clamping down on hopes for freedom?
China is bracing for its worst power shortage since 2004, which has led to it clamping down on diesel shipments, while Japan, one of the region's top exporters, struggles to restore shipments to pre-quake levels.
I hope other local councils will start clamping down on landlords who have no obvious regard for their tenants' safety.
He added, "We have therefore taken a number of measures such as increasing the number of traffic police on the streets and clamping down on traffic offenses and we can already see positive results.
NICE to hear that the police are clamping down on the gangs that are congregating at Lepton and Kirkheaton.
Since then, the Mexican government has been accused of murdering local unionists and clamping down on the press.
Perhaps instead of clamping down on motorists driving 5mph over the speed limit, traffic police should be stopping and fining these inconsiderate road users.