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The government is clamping down on people who are taking advantage of a loophole by bumping up the value of their fixtures and fittings and set the price for the house below the stamp duty threshold.
Mr Wood added: 'The OFT is really clamping down on price fixing.
Mexican authorities "are clamping down on the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans crossing Mexico's southern border," reported the Times.
BUS company Travel West Midlands is clamping down on fare dodging and vandalism on buses.
will have to continue to oppose opening up markets in animal parts, while clamping down the world's leading buyers, Taiwan and China, through the economic sanctions permitted by U.
Mr Sargeant added: "The Welsh Government is committed to clamping down on domestic abuse against men, women and children and is continually striving to improve support for victims, enabling them to rebuild their lives.
It is something that Uefa are clamping down on and I'm sure in 10 years time you won't see any contact at all in football.
POLICE are clamping down on underage drinking following incidents of anti-social behaviour involving youngsters.