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In my case, I felt that if one clamp was good, then two clamps working together would be even better.
Hedglin explained that, due to the closed circular structure of sliding clamps, another necessary step in DNA replication is the presence of a "clamp loader," which acts to latch and unlatch the sliding clamps at key stages during the process.
As you squeeze boards together with pipe clamps, they sometimes arch or slip out of alignment.
KoHS-cotnpluni damp mounts were designed for me with toggle clamps that have a solid clamping arm.
More realistic and cost-effective approach is to use off-line optimisation of the clamps location and on-line adjustment of clamping force.
When dealing with a highly populated board or boards with components close to the edge, edge clamps have a distinct advantage.
A variety of new toggle clamps with safety locks are available in five sizes, with holding capacities from 360 to 7,500 lb, with a threaded U-bolt for adjustability and a matching latch plate.
The intention was to replace and outperform traditional P-clamps and saddle clamps.
THIS month, Dremel launches a new range of easy-release, lightweight clamps for DIYers.
Heyco Products, a manufacturer of wire protection products and electrical components, has engineered a line of push lock cable clamps and snap lock cable clamps for clamping cable, wire or hose bundles in place.
Fixtureworks has launched a new series of Imao swing clamps that provide approximately five times the clamping force of Imao's standard swing clamp configurations.
The SANI-TORQ[TM] clamping device is designed to tighten sanitary clamps to a specified torque setting.