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Suddenly the street was Bananas and the clangor of Japanese instruments.
Richard insists on his possession of the kingdom--"our fields"; "our fair dominions"(17)--construing its welfare as that of an infant threatened by the clangor of feudal violence.
Sounds of traffic dissolved in distance, all clangor sifted through space into a whispering silence, it held a secret, and when letters flamed triumphantly in the sky you felt, ah, that was the secret, this at last was it, this special telegram to God--Sunshine Biscuits.
With closed eyes- I stretch forth my ears Toward the clangor, Toward the resounding steps of the All.
It also was very obedient and even-tempered, even in the midst of the clangor of battle.
The answering machine talks to us, and for us, somewhere above the din of the TV; the Walkman preserves a public silence but ensures that we need never--in the bathtub, on a mountaintop, even at our desks--be without the clangor of the world.
In the precincts of the newer urbanism, memory swiftly superannuates, and the nice distinctions of the ruminant hero are simply lost to the clangor of present contacts.
In the 1940s, the cavernous space echoed with the clangor of America's industrial might, as destroyers rolled down the ways, and the United States feverishly prepared for war.
Call it the discipline of disappointment, call it Emersonian experience, "the clangor and jangle of contrary tendencies.
Although the verse often has all the false clangor of the heroic couplet at its worst, this very clangor at moments greatly heightens the burlesque of the poem.
Pause to examine a fresh albacore, and your mind's ear hears the clangor of fishing boats on Morro Bay.
The clangor of the late nineteenth century, the very hope of greed, was in these streets.