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He is lately prone to muddy articulation and clangorous fortissimos.
among others), with his own clangorous and unmistakable voice.
Indeed, in the next couplet, the "Doctor she" becomes a witch whose "sole delight" is "[t]o order draughts as black as night"--an unnatural act, as the clangorous iteration of the dental /d/ sounds hints, through which the Medusan physician's "very glance might cast a spell" as she produces her "chill and acrid potions.
The combination of close-up miking, again done live, and Maazel's overzealous attack makes the work seem merely loud and clangorous.
Before the birth of their only son, the couple gravitated to Buenos Aires's barrio Once, a sprawling, clangorous hub of Jewish life then in its heyday.
Despite the fact that the narrator first hears "the very cracking and ripping sound which Sir Launcelot had so particularly described" (234), then "a low and apparently distant, but harsh, protracted, and most unusual screaming or grating sound--the exact counterpart of what my fancy had already conjured up" (235), and finally "a distinct, hollow, metallic, and clangorous, yet apparently muffled reverberation" that sounds exactly "as if a shield of brass had indeed, at the moment, fallen heavily upon a floor of silver" (236), Poe's text once again testifies to the resurgence of that "aesthetic distance--and transacted gap--between reader and read.
Merle wears a dress that looks as if it has been purchased from a West African market, earrings carved in the form of saints from England, heavy silver bracelets that give "a clangorous, unsettling note to her every move"; in fact, Merle "moved always within the ambience of that sound.
The violent little spasms, hiccups, retching nearly, moves the feel from the grotto or bosky glen to the clangorous, windswept gorge.
For 12 years, with clangorous certainty under Ronald Reagan, and then in a muted muddle under George Bush, environmentalists have had one mission: to protect the planet from a hostile U.
As in his recital last year, Pollini now gives the impression of someone uninvolved in his playing, his extraordinary gifts adrift in an aimless wash of clangorous sound.
The city noise, each clangorous vibration, is oh so familiar.
This is a work frequently French-sounding in its harmonies and layering, and Bebbington's reading was richly chorded (despite the shrilly, clangorous instrument) and crisply articulated.