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The areas are incentives for ticket holders and SSE customers, who have the chance to get their tickets upgraded for access to The Clansman by visiting ssereward.
3) A major purpose of this essay is to explain how Dixon reconciled his imperialism with the anti-imperialist sentiments frequently expressed in The Clansman.
And the MoD is happy to sell off old sets to the public - even though the Clansman has NO encryption mechanism to stop anyone listening in.
Meanwhile troops in Kosovo had to use their own mobile phones to communicate with each other because their old Clansman radios would not work.
Bowman, a highly capable tactical combat radio communications network, will replace the British Army's aging Clansman system.
In the process, she falls in love with the clansman heir--and also fears his people's "savagery.
It will fulfil the MoD's need for a digital voice and data communications system for the armed forces, replacing the much-criticised and obsolete 25-year-old Clansman radios.
The NAO found that the problems with the Army's ageing Clansman radio system had become so severe that it was now judged to be 'incapable' of operating in combat conditions.
found that Fitzpatrick, riding Clansman, had struck out at Bint Habibi and her rider Chris Catlin two furlongs from home.
It will replace the 1960s Clansman radio system, and is expected to provide the infrastructure to support military command and control applications until at least 2026.
except when it's like The Clansman from Still Game.
Christmas comes to Craiglang and pensioners Jack and Victor should be full of festive spirit or at the very least a drop or two of whiskey from the Clansman.