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Sheikh Saleh al-Nuemi, organizer of the assembly, said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Sunday that the awareness of clansmen and tribesman in Syria played a role in foiling the conspiracy targeting Syria's national unity.
When the clansmen attacked on Thursday, the fishermen were able to overpower their captors and detain eight of them in holds of the two boats.
The only Jewish people present for Monday's session were the victim's father and widow, as Abdi's clansmen packed the courtroom, many wearing traditional curved daggers on their belts, to support the man in the dock.
Police said the kidnappers demanded the release of three clansmen detained by police in Sanaa.
His decision to stay in a hotel unprotected by his clansmen, instead of with his childhood friends Bile and Caloosha, exposes the danger and precariousness of his quest.
The MacDonalds claim that the massacre of 38 of their clansmen was part of a British government conspiracy and are now hoping that the inquiry will clear their name and point the blame.
When the independent Rigante clansmen come unexpectedly to the aid of this embattled lord, he is able to hold off the invading forces.
Koizumi referred in the speech to an 1870 occurrence in which a leader of the Nagaoka clan in what is now Niigata Prefecture refused to distribute 100 sacks of rice to his starving clansmen and instead sold them off to build a school.
spy gamesmanship between the American military and Aidid's Habr Gidir clansmen during the warlord's months as a fugitive.
Clan MacGillivray Association president Ms Ishbel McGillivray claims long-lost descendants of the clansmen of old could be unaware of their historical connections.
They still compete alongside other Scottish teams, the Strathclyde Hawks, Paisley Panthers and the Sterling Clansmen.