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Because arginine phosphate is the main source of ATP for muscle contraction and metabolism during exposure to environmental hypoxia, we expected a stronger effect on the maximum number of claps of the scallops in trial I.
With another repeat, the performer now cued to listen, then pointed to the audience that followed his claps.
The teacher will clap a rhythm pattern in one of the meters.
In addition there is an introductory clap corresponding with the anacrusis and extra to the six beat pattern, see Figure 1.
Like audiences who believe that Tinker Bell will come back to life if they clap loud enough, Canadian entertainment writers and other like-minded uninformed souls have taken to wishing for the impossible: that Nia Vardalos's My Big Fat Greek Wedding (MBFGW) be a Canadian film.
And because the Creator is beyond duality, He only has one hand to clap with.
In Step 1, the children were trained to clap when given Al and to wave when given A2 (Al[right arrow]clap, A2[right arrow]wave).
designed and built clap skate with prototype assistance from Easton Aluminum.
Begin by counting the number of seconds between a flash of lightning and the next clap of thunder.
Peoples, Clap Your Hands" presents a blend of old and new.
They count to five after a performance and then clap - but are some of the longest clappers in the world.
Oh, Clammy Clammy - Clammy Clammy Clammy Clammy Clammy Lee," boomed from the home end, before "Sting Ray, clap clap clap.