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That she does so without the bang-bang-you're-dead "ironies" of so many European painters of the Kippenbergian claque is refreshing, too.
and his small, influential claque of highly assimilated, old-line German
It has its stars and histrionic polemics, its claque and fiascoes.
Aytoun played successfully to a receptive claque, but subsequent generations have largely consigned his sensibilities to a literary and political backwater.
I soon left Key West and traveled first to New Orleans, with Doc, as it turned out, where we shared a motel at the edge of the city with a dozen strippers from the Latin Quarter, a cheerful, friendly claque of women whom Doc had worked for as a barker back in his Atlantic City days.
During the entire year of 1981, relying on his claque of lawyers at the Department of Justice, he and Trudeau refuted pro-life arguments against the Charter, only to be proven wrong seven years later.
postmodernist claque, the philosopher of nothingness, Heidegger; t he
A claque of media personalities, advertising and business people and some few academics whom Archbishop Pell cultivated -- and placed on church committees -- continue to do service as secular ideologues in and outside the church.
The turning point for him and the story occurs immediately after these incidents, when a classmate, whom he envies for his glib self-assurance and popularity, invites him to join a paid claque at a speech by the leader of the fanatical right-wing faction, the Imperial Way Party.
It is truly gratifying to watch a Canadian singer, designer or director triumph internationally, and fun to applaud and cheer as shamelessly as any claque.
I1 s'agit d'une biographie autorisee et guidee, dont la documentation s'est faite sous la conduite de Leger qui s'est mis a la disposition de l'auteure, lui fournissant un bureau l'archeveche de Montreal ou il residait en 1980, et qu'elle a du quitter lorsqu'il a claque la porte pour se refugier chez les Soeurs de Sainte-Anne Lachine (p.
Millar had a long, good ride, especially after a claque of New York reviewers conspired to boost his fortune, but his own success seems to have peaked a few years after his death in 1983 - just about the time a new wave of Chandler enthusiasm broke.