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108 (f) (2), clarified that the income exclusion applies to the forgiveness of loans made by educational organizations and specified tax-exempt organizations to refinance any existing student loan (not just loans made by educational organizations).
1397E(h), clarified that the amount to be included in income is the credit determined without regard to the credit limitation, which is based on the amount of tax.
Codenomicon, the leading vendor of proactive security testing solutions, today announced it has acquired Clarified Networks, a developer of collaborative situation awareness tools.
In order to meet the increasing market demand in critical infrastructure protection and cyber defense, we can leverage Codenomicon's existing worldwide presence and strong balance sheet to grow our business," says Jani Kenttala, co-founder and CTO of Clarified Networks.
Clarified tools monitor, analyze and visualize networks.
Their first commercial tool known as the Clarified Analyzer was born as an academic project in 2002 to meet the demand for system discovery based on real traffic.
Codenomicon Clarified Situation Awareness solutions played a key role in the Locked Shields 2012 multinational cyber security exercise.
Hence, TEI recommends that the operation of these rules, especially the book-tax difference reporting rule, be clarified and amplified with examples.
We believe it would be consistent with the regulations to permit taxpayers to file a single statement aggregating the series of related transactions and recommend that the regulations be clarified.
We believe the rules should be clarified throughout to refer to federal taxes.
For the soft-shell crabs: Heat clarified butter in saute pan over medium-high heat and season crabs with salt and pepper.
This is definitely a value that saves a mess, and our clarified butter is of a much higher quality than if it is done at home because it is so easy to bum butter," says Joseph Fallon, a Keller's spokesman.