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The new law also clarifies that this term excludes gross receipts from the lease, rental, license, sale, exchange or other disposition of land, but includes gross receipts from certain contracts or subcontracts to manufacture or produce property for the federal government.
199-3(d)(1), however, clarifies the item-by-item standard, by providing that only DPGR must be determined on an item-by-item basis; the related expenses need not be.
Proposed change deletes text that is obsolete or unnecessary; clarifies text addressing charges for special construction or assembly related to telecommunications services; clarifies the text of clauses used in basic agreements for telecommunications services; and relocates to PGI, information on acquiring telecommunications services from foreign carriers.
In particular, this Statement clarifies under what circumstances a contract with an initial net investment meets the characteristic of a derivative as discussed in Statement 133.
Clarifies the procedures for termination for cause and convenience; and
Updates and clarifies policy on purchasing products from Federal Prison Industries (FPI).