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24) TEI recommends that the regulations clarify that certain transactions offered under "exclusivity agreements" are not considered offered under "conditions of confidentiality.
The implementation will also involve the integration of Clarify eFrontOffice with Viking's legacy back-end computer systems.
You still need back office integration," said Susan King, VP of customer care at Nortel, "but it is easy to tell a billing system to process an order to the inventory system and Clarify has these capabilities.
Specifically, these forward-looking statements include statements regarding the impact of Clarify NGx in solving its customers' interference problems, lowering costs, and improving QoS, and statements regarding the future of the UMTS and GSM technologies.
applications, plug into the Clarify Customer Portal to create a single
Kirsten Berg-Painter, VP of worldwide marketing, said several customers had already requested integration between Clarify and Newtonian's software but that Clarify decided to buy Newtonian to ensure that integration was as a tight as possible.
2632-1(b)(2)(i), to clarify its application; it recommends the following language:
Clarify eFrontOffice continues to dazzle both the market and our customers with the ability to enable greater customer loyalty in today's highly competitive Internet economy," said Ben Kiker, vice president of corporate marketing for Clarify.
Telefonica has an aggressive growth strategy in Mexico," remarked Jose Luis Santillan, the operator's Assistant Director of Engineering, "and we have chosen CLARIFY to be an integral part of network deployment and performance optimization.
The final regulations clarify that if a business receives advertising or other benefits in exchange for making a payment, the payment could be considered payment for the advertising or other benefits (Regs.
Following through on its strategy of partnering with top-tier enterprise application vendors, AristaSoft selected Clarify as its partner for customer service functionality.
With its high dynamic range and ability to identify and locate interference sources, CLARIFY sets the industry standard for interference management in cellular networks.