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Face Saver's Clarifying Souffle removes the suffocating barrier for healthier skin.
Given the clarifying guidance in the supervisory letter and the work under way on important issues, we expect that changes in allowance levels, if any, as a result of the FASB guidance will be substantially limited.
Instead, the Court took a firmer stance and held that an equivocal request for a lawyer is insufficient to invoke the right to counsel and that there is no need for clarifying questions before proceeding with the interrogation.
Again, the expected IRS notice clarifying the transition rules and scope requirements of Rev.
Regrettably, rather than clarifying the exception, the temporary regulations eliminate all but the last of the exceptions.
However, on appeal the Ninth Circuit found that the district court had ignored other sections of the plans clarifying that the joint and survivor annuity provisions of the plans applied unless the married or unmarried participant makes a valid waiver election.
The 1999 guidance priority list identified a half-dozen discrete issues for which guidance was to be issued clarifying whether the expenditures are deductible or capital in nature.
By clarifying important issues, according to David Coleman, PhD, an organizational psychologist and consultant with Transition Management Services, 7211 Trescott Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland 20912, which specializes in strategic planning and dispute management in accounting and legal firm.