clash of opinions

See: dispute
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There is some clash of opinion as to the exact hour of the great awakening.
Someone you meet midweek will stir a host of fresh ideas, in some cases after a clash of opinions.
Serge Osmena III dubbed it a clash of opinions between two bar topnotchers-RCBC lawyer Ma.
This is how democracy works - through debate, discussion and the clash of opinions.
The lawmaker believes that the present clash of opinions, particularly in the plenary debates and open disagreements in media and other fora, are but part and parcel of the natural processes in a democracy like the Philippines.
Upsetting news or a clash of opinions will have an impact on your future.
By contrast it is worth pointing out that most national legislatures are built in the style of a hemicycle which is alleged to lessen the violence of the clash of opinions.
A democracy invites and tolerates the clash of opinions, and understands its obligation to search for common ground.
The clash of opinions spread throughout the Congress and the public, who have been trying to balance the need for personal privacy in light of national security.
RELATIONS have been up and down in the I'm A Celebrity jungle this year, with Rebecca Adlington, pictured, and Miss Universe beauty queen Amy Willerton at the centre of the biggest clash of opinions over sexy images of women.
When you've got a clash of opinions, the only way to reach any kind of resolution is to debate.
From this position the author generalizes to a perennial clash of opinions between those theorists--ancient as well as modern--who advocate pessimistic, limited views of the state and those who support more optimistic, expansive views of its capacities.