class prejudice

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The mother exposes her class prejudice by hiding her family's devolving financial status and by despising the poverty of the local villagers.
Challenging the sexism and class prejudice that means exploited teenage girls are just dismissed as prostitutes.
Widening class distances produce class prejudice, classism.
While we came from every social strata at Ogmore, there was not even a hint of class prejudice that permeated much of post-war Britain.
Similarly, she writes as a cultural theorist, so while the book's subject is the bodies of visitors, the author tends to ignore physical bodies in favor of conceptual ones, for instance assuming Victorian concerns about damage from "the dirty masses" are entirely about class prejudice rather than also dealing with intense physical crowding in early coal-fueled public buildings without ventilation systems, running water, climate control, or smoking laws.
Ultimately, a combination of religious and class prejudice and mechanical superiority led to the crossbow being supplanted by the longbow in many medieval armies.
With deft writing and beautiful prose, Boianjiu portrays the sexism, racism and class prejudice of modern military life in Israel.
For Rowling, who was a single mother living on state benefits when she first started writing the Potter stories, the theme of poverty and class prejudice was particularly important.
Sturge was as devoted an advocate for the rights of the working class in England, believing ardently that working-class men should have the vote and not be excluded from the political nation through class prejudice.
Is this just grossly unfair class prejudice or are there reasons to be found in the education itself that might be worth more than a cursory glance?
Mostly these conspiracy theories are proposing academics or aristocrats as the author, and there is clearly a class prejudice.