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Not only is it important to "keep people mindful on whose shoulders we stand," Coates says, but he believes that when it comes to defining which books are truly "black classics," black readers should have the last word on which ones make the cut.
So now that Afleet Alex has won two out of three classics, let's give him a shot at three out of four.
Koelling, a YA/Reference Librarian at Washington's Bothell Regional Library, maintains that classics are "the cream of the literary crop," of great value to teens today and not "musty, old irrelevant tomes.
However, they are not inexpensive to stock--until now, thanks to the recent change in policy by eBook Classics, which is now offering schools perpetual licenses for up to 500 titles that include such classics as "The Red Badge of Courage" by Stephen Crane, "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott, "Night and Day" by Virginia Woolf, the works of William Shakespeare, and other books commonly found on middle and high school reading lists.
It's easy to see why literary classics have often fared so well at the box office.
In this sense, for all our talk about classic ballet, I suspect that classic ballet has very few real, twenty-four-carat classics.
The line features rich and shaded color palette classics made of cashmere, pima cotton, silk voile, and linen, complemented by sketchbook and silhouette artwork, story-telling patchwork and iconic graphics and appliques.
But this sequence is for TV Land, the cable network that presents the clean-cut sitcom classics of the past, so it plays as just a bit racy here.
A few months ago I found myself writing about the importance of repertory to classic ballet companies and emphasizing the significance of ballet's somewhat short supply of classics.
A bonus of 11 more weeks of open-wheel action will sandwich the seven live shows with seven 'Classic Empire DIRT Series' programs, the first of which aired Memorial Day Weekend and four Super DIRT Week Classics leading into the 2006 Super DIRT Week.