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The de facto Rules of Racial Classification: Examining Enumerators' Classificatory Practices
Discriminant analysis of relative measurements considering their regional distribution illustrates that the most discriminant variables were, in order of classificatory power:
This suggests that in pre-Linnaean times it was entirely correct to claim that whales are fish, and that this claim is now false only because it violates our classificatory conventions.
An example of a classificatory relationship is "smocks" (that the teacher says everybody must wear) versus "ordinary clothes.
In the strict sense of the term we are dealing with a classificatory concept if it is possible to break down a given field of objects or ideas into disjunct subcategories.
Bourdieu argues that class stratification in contemporary societies is reproduced in a process of classificatory struggles occurring within multiple and relatively independent "fields," such as politics, education, culture, etc.
The explanation for such an answer is to be found in the concept of homeostatic property cluster kinds and in the notion of accommodation between conceptual and classificatory practices and causal structures.
This model is used because it has been shown to have relatively good classificatory performance with certain non-normal data sets.
The theoretical and empirical demonstration of this position would have been more rigorous had it distinguished between the notion of cultures (which refers to complex symbolic systems) and identity discourses (second order), which view these same cultures in objectivizing, classificatory, and hierarchizing terms.
But in the Analytics, Aristotle associates knowledge of existence with incomplete classificatory knowledge, and incomplete classificatory knowledge will not allow the knower to distinguish the kind thus classified from all other real and imaginary kinds.
Shuman shows how Our Mutual Friend confounds the classificatory impulse with regard to work so wildly indulged by Henry Mayhew in London Labour and the London Poor (1851).
It is a descriptive or classificatory account of any event, circumstance, or experience that is apparent to the senses.