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The next phase is the classificatory phase in which the teams are paired off in a knock-out format, with the winning team passing to the next round (initially, the last 16 or the quarter-finals, and eventually the semi-finals), while the loser eventually plays in matches for the 5th to 16th place classification.
male male behind), recorded by Teichelmann (1857), clearly indicate that the term for 'father' operates in a classificatory way, not just to one individual.
As there is a long tradition of using infinitive forms as base forms of verbs, it makes sense to use the classificatory properties of the infinitive as one of the main factors in defining the main classes or conjugations of verbs:
While Munasinghe recognizes the colonial plantation economic considerations to be the root of "foretelling ethnicity" before the commencement of indentured immigration, and Khan depicts a wider global imperial classificatory ideology to be the origin of identarian distinctions, Tejaswini Niranjana (2006) brings up a third distinct direction that warrants some attention.
As Garrett acknowledges, this keenness to subsume particulars under a classificatory grid conjures up a Foucauldian "picture of disciplinary mechanisms and docile bodies" (3).
The choice of the alternate solution used for generating the discriminant function can have a significant effect on the holdout sample classificatory performance of the model.
Thus, the sepia image in figure 1 is appropriate for a classificatory image representing a 'type' of building.
Whilst it may always be possible to identify components that should, but do not, appear in the model, a key consideration should be the classificatory level represented by such apparently omitted components.
18) Yet missing from her list are people marginal to high academia and its classificatory culture.
Chapter 1 focuses on the scholarly history of what Moine terms the classificatory uses of genres.