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Congress established the board to advise the president on ways to prevent agencies from classifying documents that should be public.
Again, by assessing and classifying data, IT better understands what data needs to be on tape at given points in time, and what should be retained on secondary storage resources.
Some of the obvious tax and financial benefits to the contracting business of avoiding classifying a service provider as an employee include
The majority of the case law on classifying assets involves an investment tax credit (ITC).
Correctly identifying a defect begins by correctly identifying the type of defect, properly classifying it as to cause and then applying those practical measures required for its elimination.
A number of researchers also worry that classifying NOAA's EEZ data will make it awkward for U.
By most accounts, the process of classifying information has gotten completely out of control.
Supply chain solution providers also assist hospitals and other providers with classifying products according to the UNSPSC taxonomy.