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Meanwhile, Lane's husband Charles (Oliver Cotton) becomes enchanted with one of his patients, the free-spirited Ana (Bron) who casts a wonderfully surreal spell over The Clean House.
The survey by Spontex concluded that those with a clean house enjoy a healthier and more satisfying love life.
A new survey has revealed that for 83% of Brits happiness is a clean house, but not when you're Welsh.
5cm (3in) to encourage bushy growth Clean house plants to ensure dust and dirt on the leaves does not block out the light.
We have to clean house amongst ourselves," Albert said.
Last November, the reaction of angry voters was to clean house.
Republicans took power in 1994 promising to clean house.
It's time for Oregon to clean house and get some young, energetic coaches who play the game as it should be played
No way was I going to leave it as I had found it, so someone got a nice clean house after we left.