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And they crossed the street and walked into the cleanest little front room of a small house, half parlour, half shop, and bought a pound of most particular sausages, East talking pleasantly to Mrs.
Tartar's chambers were the neatest, the cleanest, and the best- ordered chambers ever seen under the sun, moon, and stars.
It was probably the cleanest spot in the whole house.
That portion of the town which it most favours is none of the cleanest, it is true; but the upper part is of a very different character, and has many agreeable streets and public buildings.
In one of these streets, the cleanest of them all, and on the shady side of the way--for good housewives know that sunlight damages their cherished furniture, and so choose the shade rather than its intrusive glare--there stood the house with which we have to deal.
But as the pavements of Bristol are not the widest or cleanest upon earth, so its streets are not altogether the straightest or least intricate; and Mr.
The breast of his coat was ornamented with an outside pocket from which there peeped forth the cleanest end of a very large and very ill-favoured handkerchief; his dirty wristbands were pulled on as far as possible and ostentatiously folded back over his cuffs; he displayed no gloves, and carried a yellow cane having at the top a bone hand with the semblance of a ring on its little finger and a black ball in its grasp.
Tops the List of Nation's Cleanest PCs; Boston and San Antonio Take Home Second and Third Place
We continue working to further improve the quality of our water, and last year our coast was the cleanest it has ever been.
The awards will be given in the categories of Garbage Guru, Toilet Titan, Tech Icon, Cleanest Beach Town, Cleanest Monument, Cleanest Park, Cleanest Hill Station, Community Mobiliser, Cleanest Ghat, Water Warrior, Corporate Trailblazer and Cleanest Market Place.
The cleanest air in Bulgaria is at Rozhen peak in the Rhodope mountains, while the cities Plovdiv and Varna have the most polluted air.
com)-- Belle Chevre's Chevre de Provence marinated cheese, one of the creamery's classic chevres, has been awarded the honor of one of Prevention magazine's annual 2014 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards.