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The DC expressed his satisfaction over the cleanliness of the hospital and medical facilities available therein.
The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has been conducting the cleanliness survey this year which commenced from January 4 and will go on till March 10.
Prime Minister Modi also said a cleanliness survey will be conducted from the January 4 to March 10 to evaluate achievements in the cleanliness of urban areas.
North Central Zone Cultural Centre (NCZCC), Allahabad organized various activities - Poster making competition, Painting competition, Street Plays, Essay, Article, Speech competition, Collage making, Rangoli making, Model making competition involving school students for the awareness of cleanliness.
Two of our neighboring countries, Singapore and Japan, which are models of cleanliness can provide insightful-albeit contrasting-answers.
They repeated basically the villages nazims were duty bound for cleanliness drives and spray as part of municipal services to the community adding the TMA will best utilize its resources as per policy.
Another benefit is localized verification of cleanliness of a specific component or area of concern, whereas the ionograph can assess only an entire assembly.
The survey also shows that it is the only county in Wales that has seen a continuous increase in its cleanliness indicators, rising from 66.
ABU DHABI - The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City will strictly enforce its cleanliness regulations and impose spot fines of up to Dh500 for spitting, throwing cigarette butts or dropping chewing gum on the streets in the Capital.
Noting the importance of cleanliness to the cultural history of the European West and the dearth of literary studies of cleanliness, Douglas Biow offers "a new, unified interpretation of Italian Renaissance literature" (xi).
CONCERNS about cleanliness on two Welsh hospital wards have been raised by health inspectors.
Measuring the resistivity of this alcohol/water solution has provided a general understanding of the total board cleanliness and works as a process monitor for gross changes in the process.