clear demonstration

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Elizabeth saw many large openings appear in the sides of the mountains during the three succeeding months, where different settlers had, in the language of the country “made their pitch,” while the numberless sleighs that passed through the village, loaded with wheat and barrels of potashes, afforded a clear demonstration that all these labors were not undertaken in vain.
The 'no work, no pay' proposed measure to discourage absenteeism in Congress is childish and clear demonstration of lack of proper leadership, a lawyer said Thursday.
Chairman Sheikh Fahad bin Mohamed bin Jabor al-Thani said, "This is another outstanding result and a clear demonstration that Doha Bank continues to perform consistently.
This being said by a politician that is described as "iron" is clear demonstration that the position of the most powerful European country in relation to the name issue with Greece is firm.
The fact that you retained these in such great shape for nearly 60 years is a clear demonstration of how important those weeks at camp were to a budding young conservationist
These senseless acts of violence against innocent civilians in a hospital and in a camp for internally displaced persons are a clear demonstration of the utter disregard these terrorists have for the vulnerable and innocent civilians who were injured and lost their lives, said spokesman US embassy in Pakistan in a statement issued here on Saturday.
He said: "This is a clear demonstration that safety cameras, both fixed and mobile, reduce fatal or serious injury collisions.
Rabobank's purchase of this portfolio from Farmer Mac is a clear demonstration of our continued commitment to invest in American agriculture and expand our business," said John Ryan, Pres/CEO for Rabo AgriFinance.
That a man who doesn't know his mushy peas from his guacamole should make a return is a clear demonstration of the failure of the new guard.
Mr Martin added: "The allocation of further significant funding is a clear demonstration of this commitment.
Hersh, Mack-Cali president and chief executive officer, commented, "This transaction is a clear demonstration of the continued appeal of Morris County as a corporate headquarters location.
DB plans, "the results of 2005 provide a clear demonstration of plan sponsors' need to wring ever-higher levels of return," Greenwich notes.