clear thought

See: sagacity
References in classic literature ?
His first clear thought was: I am married to that woman; and the next: she will give nothing but what I see.
What to do, she was at a frightened loss to know: the only one clear thought in her mind was, that she must fly from this terrible man.
Now that arrangement was not conducive to calm speech or clear thought on Jo's part, for how could she say hard things to her boy while he watched her with eyes full of love and longing, and lashes still wet with the bitter drop or two her hardness of heart had wrung from him?
50,000 users is a significant milestone for an independent vendor, making Systinet a clear thought leader for Web services enablement.
Did a lack of clear thought and competent leadership hide an option that Catholics missed?
When I did this 20 years ago, names of people appeared in my mind with the clear thought of why I had to ask for their forgiveness.
SINN Fein's leadership has shown courage, clear thought and magnificence in its pursuit of peace, Eamonn Dunphy claimed last night.
Planitax continues to deliver solutions that represent clear thought leadership in Corporate Tax technology.
I had the most clear thought, "If you give the theatre to me, even risking never to do theatre again, I promise to give you a life that you could never dream of.
As one of the clear thought leaders in this space, Canopy Financial brings a depth of expertise to this partnership that is unmatched in the industry.
He was startled to get the clear thought that his life was ruled by what people thought of him, `how to be popular, how to be in with everyone'.