clearly stated

References in classic literature ?
The sum of her instincts on this matter, if clearly stated, would have been that the elusive quality of her sex which attracts men in general might be distasteful to so perfect a man after an avowal of love, since it must in its very nature carry with it a suspicion of art.
Of these courses the most important was that on 'Heroes and Hero-Worship,' in which he clearly stated the doctrine on which thereafter he laid increasing stress, that the strength of humanity is in its strong men, the natural leaders, equipped to rule by power of intellect, of spirit, and of executive force.
That being clearly stated, I take it to be, as it were, a duty, that we should extend our patronage to a degraded stage, even for the sake of the associations with which it is entwined.
The matter must be clearly stated, for it is obviously not properly understood.
This was a more serious interruption than the other, because she never knew exactly what she wanted, and half a dozen requests would bolt from her, no one of which was clearly stated.
However, all that has been stated before the ED has been clearly stated in the petitions filed before court," Karti told reporters here.
Mr Halligan said: "The new Taoiseach has clearly stated a second lab will be provided off the back of clinicians' recommendations.
This has been clearly stated at the international level for the first time.
Israel circa, 2013; the voters have clearly stated a "itas the economy, stupid".
RELIANCE Natural Resources Ltd ( RNRL) on Tuesday submitted before the Supreme Court that the government had clearly stated before Parliament that Reliance Industries Ltd ( RIL) had the freedom to market gas within India but has now changed its stand.
In order to protect itself against unfounded claims of discrimination, it is important for a board to develop a carefully conceived policy and clearly stated procedures for the handling of applications," said Spinola.
They said, "if the parties had intended to confer any additional benefits to employees on maternity leave in the new Collective Agreement, their intent should have been clearly stated.