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Previously described ELISAs for total and cleaved PS were used (11).
To evaluate the percentage of cleaved PS vs total PS, we quantified the two molecular forms of PS in the pool vs calibration curves constructed, respectively, by adding purified PS and purified FXa-cleaved PS to PS-depleted plasma (Diagnostica Stago).
The follicles were composed of a monotonous population of small cleaved cells similar to the follicular lymphoma diagnosed 13 years previously.
Third, the incorporation of oxidizing agents in the coolant which would reoxidize the cleaved sulfur-sulfur bonds, is a possibility.
Another series of ADCs were prepared using enzyme-cleavable linkers that are highly stable in plasma, but that are rapidly cleaved inside of cells by enzymes such as cathepsin B.
The intrusion is in contact with cleaved and hornfelsed clastic sedimentary rocks of the Rossland Group, which appears to form pendants in the roof of the intrusion.
Once synthesis is complete, the DNA must be cleaved and "deprotected.
The hemagglutinins of viral strains whose infectivity was not activated by the bacterial enzyme were not cleaved by the bacterial enzyme.
An EGS is a small, modified, stabilized RNA molecule that has been engineered to bind to a disease-causing RNA to create a structure resembling a type of RNA naturally cleaved by a specific ribozyme in cells.
Seed proteins are often made out of components cleaved from a precursor molecule.