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At the Berkeley "Free Speech" movement, the clenched fist was everywhere, as it was during the "Yippie" riots in Chicago in August 1968.
PARENTS' claim Seen on ultrasonography, the fetus' clenched fists were a sign of possible fetal abnormality.
He was told to take his hands out and when he refused the officer took hold of his arms and noticed in his clenched fist he had a Stanley blade.
She said later she thought the clenched fist had a ring on it.
The group that clenched their right fist when memorizing the list and then clenched the left when recollecting the words performed better than all the other hand clenching groups.
Army, found that a clenched fist can help engrave a memory on the brain, and call it up again later.
At TechFest event, where Microsoft offered journalists a sneak peek of some of its prototypes and revealed details of some of its current research and development projects, the company demonstrated that Kinect can now recognize hand (rather than simply full body) gestures such as clenched and open fists and finger movements.
A clenched fist does a better job of explaining the [exact hand] proportions we have," Carrier says.
It's that fire, the fist clenched in the last minutes when we say 'we're not losing anything here'.
The role of lead in a syndrome of clenched claw paralysis and leg paresis in swamp harriers (Circus approximans).
CDATA[ Authorities used stun gun to subdue Mansor Muhammad Asad after he charged at an officer with fists clenched.
1 : to hold tightly : clutch <She clenched a pen in her hand.