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It had, I say, in every respect, the appearance of its fellow in the other window; but this fact was an absolute nullity (conclusive us it might seem to be) when compared with the consideration that here, at this point, terminated the clew.
The police are at fault - they have failed to procure the slightest clew.
As soon as he had got the clew he not only understood but corrected her error.
Follow me," said the Clew, "and there's no knowing what you may discover.
So the Detective followed the Clew a whole year through a thousand sinuosities, and at last found himself in the office of the Morgue.
The Clew, meanwhile, sauntered among the busy haunts of men, arm in arm with an Ingenious Theory.
The thing you mention," he said, "the clew (as you call it), might be seen and might be touched--supposing you could find it.
If you do by any chance succeed in laying your hand on the clew, remember this--
Not a word nor a sign did the dog receive, no suggestion and no clew as to what his conduct should be.
A sum of between eighty and ninety pounds in Bank of England notes; a few simple articles belonging to the toilet; materials for needle-work; and a photographic portrait of a young lady, inscribed, "To Anne, from Blanche," were found in the bag--but no letters, and nothing whatever that could afford the slightest clew by which the owner could be traced.
A $100,000 deal has been secured by CLEW for its proposal to formulate a cost effective household wastewater treatment and nutrient removal system.
Clew Bay Cove ran a sound trial for this race over 2m5f at Leopardstown almost three weeks ago, making up plenty of ground approaching the home straight before weakening out of contention in the closing stages.