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At this she clicked her tongue amusingly and repeated a remark she had made before: "She likes young men.
This would have been no serious hindrance on a week-day; they would have clicked through it in their high patterns and boots quite unconcerned; but on this day of vanity, this Sun's-day, when flesh went forth to coquet with flesh while hypocritically affecting business with spiritual things; on this occasion for wearing their white stockings and thin shoes, and their pink, white, and lilac gowns, on which every mud spot would be visible, the pool was an awkward impediment.
She merely clicked her tongue in an annoyed manner.
The telephone clicked, and Archer, turning from the photographs, unhooked the transmitter at his elbow.
The nasty laugh that came to my ears through the heavy planking of the door after the lock clicked was my first intimation that all was not as it should be.