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Hence, these substances are no good alternatives for the treatment of climacteric complaints.
On the basis of the previous data, we designed a pilot clinical trial with the main objective of investigating the efficacy and safety of PHYTO SOYA in alleviating the climacteric symptomatology in postmenopausal Spanish women.
The emotional roller coaster and, sometimes, physical discomfort that often manifest themselves during the climacteric are not, for this generation, going to be dealt with only by a simple `this-is-natural' attitude.
Conclusion: This observational study demonstrated that treatment with CR in unselected patients with climacteric complaints under the conditions of daily practice resulted in a significant improvement of menopausal symptoms assessed by the total KMI score and its sub-item scores with an effect size similar to that in a previous randomized, controlled clinical trial.
In a study by Baber and colleagues (Baber 1999), no significant difference was observed in flushing scores or Greene Climacteric scale scores (p=0.
The climacteric was a memorial service at the Kennedy Center, arranged by Campbell Peachey and Associates, one of Washington's toniest event planners.
The decision to determine whether to continue treatment for the relief of climacteric symptoms may be made by temporarily discontinuing treatment.
An intent-to-treat analysis of 18 patients showed that 16 patients experienced a 50% or greater decrease in scores on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, and 13 experienced a 50% or greater decrease in scores on the Greene Climacteric Scale used to quantify somatic symptoms.
Climacteric fruits such as bananas, avocados, apples and pears ripen after harvest, as opposed to non-climacteric fruits, such as pineapples and grapes, which must be mature at harvesting and have an acceptable eating quality because they do not ripen further after harvesting.
Konenki is much closer to the term once used in Europe, the climacteric, meaning a gradual change in midlife that can extend for a decade or more.
Hormone therapy and the cardiovascular system: The critical role of progestins," Climacteric 6(suppl 3): 21-28.
After the release of the disturbing results of the WHI study, (2) the main concern among postmenopausal women is to find nonhormonal alternatives for the treatment of climacteric symptoms.