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Scores on the Greene Climacteric quality-of-life scale improved significantly in all 3 groups, but again without significant differences between the groups.
Outcome Measures: The primary outcome measures were the change in the number and severity of hot flashes and change in the Kupperman Index, a validated and internationally used climacteric symptom list.
Scales used included the Greene Climacteric scale, the Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating scale, and the Menopause Quality of Life scale.
chinensis extracts might be suitable to treat women with climacteric and postmenopausal complaints.
Investigators evaluated menopausal symptoms monthly using the Greene Climacteric Scale and, at the end of the study, the Menopause Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire (MENQOL).
Efficacy was measured by the decrease in number of hot flashes per day and changes in Greene Climacteric Scale Score.
In this climacteric fruit, A sudden increase in respiration takes place at the onset of ripening, Usually in concert with increased production of ethylene that eventually impacts fruit color, Firmness, Taste, And flavor.
Women taking fezolinetant also showed significant improvement, compared with the placebo group, on other quality of life questionnaires, the Greene Climacteric Scale and the Sheehan Disability Scale.
Essays 302) Rather than representing a decline in literary ability, as many critics have argued, DeCoste argues it is precisely in this "under-appreciated later fiction" that Waugh most fully "articulates and fulfils" this climacteric vision of the relationship between faith and work (3).
Aside from its many other plus points, the new production's casting appears to be similarly spot-on, with five veteran male leads singing its '80s anthems and vivifying its kaleidoscope of scenes that dramatize the mature male's penultimate state of menopause, or climacteric.