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Not only is the capital investment for a climatic wind tunnel large, but the operating costs can also be substantial.
For our purpose, it may be helpful to distinguish between three different notions of climatic change.
Climatic variables (rainfall, evaporation, sunshine duration, temperature and relative humidity) and data on pepper yield of medium corrugated fruited hot pepper (rodo), small fruited chilli pepper (shombo) and large fruited sweet pepper (tatashe) were collected from Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI), Ilorin for seven consecutive years (2000-2006).
At this point customers need to be educated in the nuances of climatic testing, working through the test specs and deciding whether the test is beneficial or is just a box-ticking exercise.
Because the UK is in the middle latitudes of Europe, we expected that recent climatic warming would favour species with ranges located in the south of Europe and adversely affect northern species.
The stability tests according to ICH are performed at the Zentralinstitut Arzneimittelforschung GmbH with KBF series constant climatic test chambers from BINDER GmbH.
In order to explore some of the climatic events that have shaped the landscape of the British Isles in recent geological history, the Society--together with the Quaternary Research Association--is holding a meeting from 8 to 10 January that will focus on geological and climatic processes that have occurred over the past two million years.
External factors such as climatic conditions, lifestyle and perhaps most importantly inappropriate cosmetics aggravate skin sensitivity.
Is variation in solar insolation responsible for the most recent phase of warming, as it has been responsible for climatic change in the past?
Climatic change is a hot scientific and political topic.
2005) is about seasonality of blood lead (BPb) and developing a predictive model using climatic variables.

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