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If the proposed Ramciel is found to be unsuitable geologically or climatically for building permanent human habitats, there shouldn't be any romantic affiliation to it though admired by Dr.
The Horn of Africa is the most complex, volatile and climatically challenged region in Africa today," a senior US official said ahead of the UN meeting.
Fandogluo forest is a unique forest with 1773 hectares [3] and Located at the and of western Elburz Mountain chains, in Ardabil province (Northwestern of Iran), The area smooth topography and climatically sub humid [4].
From studies of indigenous Cree communities in northern Quebec, Alessandra Ponte from the University of Montreal discussed the problems of planning settlements that are situated in physically remote and climatically challenging locales.
The research can be used to prioritise resources and protect reefs that will act as 'stationary arks' for the anticipated climatically grim futures facing Pacific and South-east Asian nations.
Depositional frequency of German sub-fossil oaks: climatically and non-climatically induced fluctuations in the Holocene.
They also address tools and methods for evaluating ecological change in terms of anthropogenically and climatically mediated influences, and many more topics relevant to the coastal lagoon environment.
Climatically, Sancerre, a little further to the west, has a more maritime influence, whereas Pouilly-Fume is more continental, where the summers are hotter.
Technical and architectural decisions, taken by ArcE team, have the purpose of retrofitting the existing building and transforming it into a new one, which is climatically comfortable and energetically sustainable.
By the 1960s nursery owners caught on to the English garden game and began their annual production of climatically unsuitable European seasonal bedding plants such as pansies and antirrhinums, adding petunias, nemesia, violas, stocks, bulbs and other species as the years progressed.
As it happens, the weather turned in our favour at the last minute and track conditions were fantastic, but the last two Saturdays in January were exceptional climatically and exposed the frailty of the sand track in wide open, non-town or city environments.
C[pounds sterling]Things were very climatically stable in that part of Australia and yet the mega-fauna still managed to go extinct,C[yen] he said.