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Climb titles are seldom changed down the years, however confusing or inappropriate they are, she added.
It's not a climb that a beginner could go and hope to get up.
It proved to be a more difficult climb than they had expected, but they pushed hard and overcame some significant physical challenges posed by their injuries to reach the top.
Climb this and keep ahead to pass the remains of St Elvis Cromlech.
Strong winds caused Alain to delay his climb till 6.
Get a grip, go vertical, and climb those rockin' walls
The first is to teach Yemenis how to climb, so eventually they'll be able to buy their own gear and come climbing themselves.
You really don't need to be in perfect condition to climb a wall.
PTCI offers canvas "treeboats" to relax in at the top of your climb, where you can enjoy the majestic temperate rainforest on a two-inch thick air mattress.
On short haul flights, where climb phase reduces range in cruise flight phase, even higher direct operating costs are generated in climb compared to cruise flight phase.
His goal for the day is to climb past a seam in the concrete where the slab leans inward--an indubitable challenge.
When you stand below the tree, it can be awesome," he says, gazing up at Michael's Triumph, the 150-foot-tall Douglas fir we were gearing up to climb.