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The other four had climbed down to a high mountain refuge, which is at an altitude of about 12,600ft, where they stayed the night on Friday and then continued their descent on Saturday morning.
Jack climbed down the beanstalk with the angry giant behind him.
His female friend climbed down to help and called police on a mobile phone while holding her pal's head above water as the shoreline slowly became engulfed in heavy waves.
Ian, 34, was blinded by snow as he climbed down the deadly mountain after scaling the peak as part of a charity fundraiser.
Miller said Walck took off his vest and gave it to the subject, who then immediately climbed down the tower.
They smashed the window from inside and climbed down the ladder which the neighbours had access to.
Church had climbed down into the trench and was inside when the sides caved in, sheriff's homicide Lt.
Immediately, Officer Allen climbed down a steep hill to the water's edge, grabbed onto a tree, and offered his free arm to the girl.
Eventually, after more than an hour, the unnamed man in his 20s climbed down and was taken to a local hospital.
Hill climbed down in December 1999 after the tree's owner, Pacific Lumber, agreed to sell Luna and a 200-foot buffer zone to Hill and a land trust.
The men climbed down from the scaffolding periodically and walked across Sixth Avenue to check the effect from street level.
The man climbed down the cliffs between Hartley Bay and St Mary's Island in North Tyneside in an attempt to rescue his dog that had fallen down the cliffs.