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I would never get bored of living somewhere hot and dry Joanne Morgan I'd love to be a travel writer, visiting sunny climes and seeing different places Lewis Morgan The buildings in Dubai were amazing and it would be a great job to be able to design buildings like that Jessica Morgan My dream job would be a fashion designer as I love clothes.
IF you decided to stay at home this year instead of jetting off to sunnier climes, you may be feeling a little down.
Most of your time is spent in the freezing climes of the planet of E.
In exchanging the temperate eastern seaboard for the more extreme high desert climes of Arizona, Joy, like generations of American artists, poets, writers and architects before him from Georgia O'Keeffe to James Turrell, has been transfixed and lured by the Southwest's intoxicating landscape and light.
The latter, a series of related adventures befalling Odysseus as he tries to return home from battle, is characterized by exotic climes, fantastical creatures and plenty of action.
When Grady lags behind when the rest of her family leaves for warmer climes, the youngster learns the hard way what loneliness is.
The second--hurricane disaster preparedness--is more associated with tropical climes.
Live oaks do indeed grace southeastern Virginia, but not the hilly, cooler climes of the western portion of the Old Dominion.
SOUL man Peyton, who releases his debut single I'll Rise in August, decided he was going to head for warmer climes after arriving at the mud bath.
So, when Hawken heard Uxbridge (40 kilometres northeast of Toronto) was trying to limit their net in-migration to zero it made him wonder how his neck of the woods can entice new Canadians to northern climes.
In addition, the authors argue that sweating, hairlessness and cranial cooling systems found in the human species, though certainly useful for walking, are essential for endurance running in hot climes.
But Canada's loss is Australia's gain, since Russell is now enjoying life in the warmer climes of New South Wales with her daughter, Deirdre Prussak.