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The increase in the number of Britons who are seriously overweight or obese has led Dr Ashton, a clinical epidemiologist who has also worked at the National Heart and Lung Institute, to open The Healthier Weight Clinic in Birmingham.
Dogu Celebi, MD, MPH is a clinical epidemiologist and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in managed care, health services research and medical informatics.
Selby is a family physician, clinical epidemiologist, and health services researcher who has worked on comparative effectiveness research for many years.
Wong, a consultant clinical epidemiologist in Wayne, Pa.
Danie van Zyl is a specialist physician and clinical epidemiologist from the Department of Internal Medicine, UP.
Ferko, a clinical epidemiologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont.
Sheena McCormack, a clinical epidemiologist with the Medical Research Council in London, said the report was "proof of concept of microbicides" as a viable way to interrupt HIV transmission, and proof of concept of an antiretroviral drug for prophylaxis.

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