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Perhaps a new core competency of a clinical pathologist should be to improve patient care by providing complementary knowledge service related to diagnostic testing (18).
There was no requirement that the supervision be by a physician, let alone a trained clinical pathologist, and there is no explicit statement requiring staffing.
Dr Uzma Ata, the Administrator Indus Hospital Blood Centre and a clinical pathologist said that a detailed history and physical examination of blood donors including hemoglobin test and blood pressure examination was performed at the camp before accepting the voluntary blood donation.
of Texas Health Center, Tyler) and Hammar (a Bremerton, WA clinical pathologist specializing in asbestos-related lung disease) introduce eight chapters by US authorities comprehensively covering the long history of commercial mining of these two families of useful minerals; why the human respiratory system is vulnerable to asbestosis and asbestos-induced lung cancer; and the features, epidemiology, and diagnosis of such diseases.
It will give the clinical pathologist a quick overview over this exciting field that has evolved so rapidly in the last decade.
California-based anatomic and clinical pathologist Gamble has produced a detailed guide based on 147 cases of renal involvement associated with dysproteinemia in university and community hospital settings over some 25 years.
Claudio Ortolani, Consultant Clinical Pathologist, Ospedale dell'Angelo, Venice, Italy
At these gatherings, besides the presentation of scientific papers, informal discussions were held on the status of the clinical pathologist and his relation to the clinician.
The contract mentions that the Bacolod City Government is in requirement of the services of a clinical pathologist to manage and supervise the operation of the Bacolod City Health Clinical Laboratory and Drug Testing Center and assist in its establishment and maintenance.
Dodson, an environmental consultant and former professor, and Hammar, an anatomic and clinical pathologist who specializes in lung disease and cancer, present 15 chapters on asbestos.
In addition, Life Laboratories also has one clinical pathologist and five anatomical pathologists on staff, each with his own microscope.
Clearly, one major role for the clinical pathologist is to serve as a consultant to physicians and other healthcare providers in other medical specialties.

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