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The research presented in this book covers a broad spectrum of topics within the field of medical technology and clinical practice, including nursing informatics, clinical technology, biomedicine, diagnostic technologies, e-health, telemedicine, and more.
116), Lilienfeld, Lynn, and Lohr presented their initial thoughts, reflections, and considerations on science and pseudoscience in clinical psychology or clinical practice.
Since the publication of the original clinical practice guideline Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Following Spinal Cord Injury: A Clinical Practice Guideline for Health-Care Professionals (2000), a number of current scientific studies have advanced the knowledge of the factors that contribute to the formation of pressure ulcers and have provided new directions for improving preventive techniques and treatment.
Keywords: AANN Clinical Practice Guideline, evidence-based practice, myasthenia gravis, nursing management, nursing recommendations
Formulate a clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of occlusive arterial disease This study aims to .
Overall, 40% of the patients achieved SDAI remission, 42% achieved ACR/EULAR clinical practice remission, and 35% achieved ACR/EULAR clinical trial remission.
The IOM committee proposes eight standards for the production of unbiased, scientifically valid, and trustworthy clinical practice guidelines, giving increased attention to conflicts of interest, guideline development group exclusions, rating strength of recommendations, and public stakeholder comment.
The clinical practice guideline contains systematically developed statements that include recommendations, strategies, or information that assists physicians and/or other health care practitioners and patients make decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.
A further development related to clinical practice is the initiation for the next EAPD Congress, in Dubrovnik, of an 'EAPD Clinical Practice Prize' of a case report based on a minimum of two year treatment and follow-up.
According to the meta-analysis, the value of using these leaders to disseminate information and influence clinical practice was mixed, and no conclusions could be drawn.
Specifically, the manuscript summarized the existing published studies that investigated the educational requirements for tenure; promotion and tenure rate; the role of scholarship in tenure decisions; teaching and service roles in tenure decision; role of clinical practice in tenure decisions; and tenure innovations.
The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI[TM]) Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Practice Recommendations have had a significantly positive impact on the quality of care for patients on dialysis.

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