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If this is a frequent problem, you may want to increase the amount of memory allocated to the Clipboard tool, by taking the following steps:
Detectamet has clipboards to hold A3, A4 or A5 documents, and then the clip can be fitted to match document's alignment.
Mr Ball added the issue in the case was who had set the fire and said: "Why is his blood on the paper and on the clipboard found on the balcony outside?
Forty-two years later, the clipboard is gone, replaced by a battery of digital communications gear, GPS indicators and satellite imagery, all linked by sophisticated software.
I WRITE regarding a hugely expanding problem in Liverpool city centre - namely the massive increase in people carrying clipboards doing ``market research''.
She wore a dark waist-length jacket, dark trousers and was carrying a black clipboard.
Then I got in trouble and I hold the clipboard personally responsible.
For a quarter of a century, customers walking into a Service Merchandise would grab a clipboard and pencil, and jot down the catalog number, quantity and price of their selection before heading to the checkout counter.
A clipboard provides a miniature word processor for taking notes while using a database.
At the conclusion of the first bagatelle, a woman with a clipboard comes onstage, a name appears to be called, and the woman and a performer leave the stage.
com) brings its expertise in composite armor materials to police officers with its new Ballistic Clipboard, a bullet-proof clipboard that provides law enforcement officers reliable protection from point-blank criminal gunfire.
The subproject 3 "Electronic clipboard" has a mandate to provide a clipboard that allows the business units, completed transactions from SIRIUS (business storage, organization filing, project storage and process filing), from the File Explorer and if any of SAMBA to transfer to the clipboard.