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She argues that the old adage "girls will be girls"--gossipy, competitive, cliquish, backstabbing--and the idea that fighting is part of a developmental stage or a rite of passage, are not acceptable explanations.
Reingold has also lauded brokers who, bucking the industry's tradition for cliquish brokerage teams, are willing to sometimes form new groups in circumstances when a particular combination of skills and experience will give them a better chance of winning business.
I don't know if we're intimidating or being cliquish to them.
He treated them all with that same blend of courtesy and mild-mannered bewilderment so that while his approval rating waxed and waned in tandem with the tide of England's results, it was never dictated by cliquish prejudice.
Are international music competitions self-serving, cliquish institutions that force unwilling musicians into do-or-die contests, like gladiators in an arena?
To crack into this cliquish market, people have to notice you--for the right reasons.
That it is not is proof of the inbred, cliquish, and virtually accountability-proof nature of the corporate boardroom.
Expecting Hollywood, she lands in rural Mississippi, a crazy quilt of self-proclaimed rednecks, cliquish teenagers, South Vietnamese exiles and transvestite soulmates.
The Straussians are known for having cultivated a cliquish attitude of moral and intellectual superiority.
What starts out as a dream gig quickly turns into a fight with the reality of life on the road with a pop star (Darcy), her overbearing mother (Darla) who hates Kelly, unfriendly and cliquish fellow dancers, and the press that follows it all.
Some organizations recycle the same people so often that they develop a reputation for being cliquish and closed.