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It is a perfect example of how ignorance and cliquishness splinter the gun-owning community, allowing the enemies of our liberty to play us against each other to the inevitable, eventual detriment of all.
But it can lead to a dangerous sort of cliquishness in a company, where the smart people only agree with each other and shut out anyone else.
Transparency suggests the communal and the cliquishness that the cell arrangement implies is dispelled by extraordinary walls of billowing glass that veil the central booths.
One clear concern on the part of the governors was the risk of cliquishness, or perhaps homosexual activity among the zitelle.
As a "free lance" organizer in the general trade union movement, Foster grew closer and closer to the Communist Party, which had broken out of its underground cliquishness to become a presence in the broad workers movement by the early 1920s.
A certain friendly competitiveness among different teams is fine; just be sure this rivalry is carefully controlled or it could lead to a cliquishness that harms the overall well-being of your facility.
On the other hand, if cliquishness is minimal, then (by definition) there exists a relatively large number of relationships linking different clusters (which themselves are poorly defined), and (also by definition) integrative coordination is high.
While the authors do raise some compelling criticisms of the NEA and American cultural policy in general-its elitism, its cliquishness, its conservatism-nearly all conclude with a rote paragraph wistfully harking back to the NEA they knew and loved before Congress began obsessing about sex.
Nevertheless, women hate to be seen as competitive, so "Sex and the City" displayed the nice side of cliquishness, minus the nasty side: these social X-rays wouldn't be seen dead in the company of 99 percent of their fans.