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The literature has some proposals for monitoring the clogging degree of emitters based on indirect measurements of hydraulic variables, such as flow rate and head loss along a lateral line or secondary line (Camargo et al.
Clogging can be a possible result of landslides, washings and other negative processes affecting the natural environment.
Angiograms showed slower artery clogging over three years in women who consumed more than six servings of whole grains per week or in women who got at least three grams of fiber from whole grains for every 1,000 calories they consumed each day.
99: This is quite a thin mascara but didn't overburden lashes and gave a good effect without clogging.
The dynamic airflow of the larger orifice creates better suction at the tip, reduces the potential for clogging, and makes the instrument easier to clean.
In order to determine the reasons for the pump clogging, the foundry set up an experiment to test the variables and establish a new shop-floor procedure to ensure smooth and efficient production.
Clogging is a traditional American dance that first became popular in the Appalachian Mountains.
Take a lively bluegrass tune, mix in some foot stomping and a lttle hand clapping, and you have an energetic form of dance known as clogging.
Regular maintenance of a porous tubing (ooze tubing) irrigation system is essential to prevent clogging and to keep water flowing through it evenly.
If your drains have chronic clogging problems and you're fed up with harmful chemicals and expensive drain cleaning services, Ridgid's Auto-Spin drain cleaner could become your new best friend.