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Be not surprised, sir,' says she, 'that I am able to tell you every step you took that day from the cloister in Smithfield to the Spring Garden at Knightsbridge, and thence to the in the Strand, and how you were left asleep in the coach afterwards.
But the suitors were clamorous throughout the covered cloisters {11}, and prayed each one that he might be her bed fellow.
Upon my word," he said, as they entered the cool cloisters, "I think the cottagers have the best of it: these cloisters make a delightful dining-room on a hot day.
They went up the stone staircase leading simply to the long gallery above the cloisters, a gallery where all the dusty worthless old pictures had been banished for the last three generations--mouldy portraits of Queen Elizabeth and her ladies, General Monk with his eye knocked out, Daniel very much in the dark among the lions, and Julius Caesar on horseback, with a high nose and laurel crown, holding his Commentaries in his hand.
Monticello alley - between Monticello and Regal Road from Cloister Way to Greenway
NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO BE STRUCK OFF FROM THE REGISTER OF COMPANIES Redleaf Technologies Limited, having ceased to trade having its registered office at 37 Cloister Avenue, Blackrock, Co.
Northumbrian Water is leading the PS400,000 scheme to upgrade the sewer network in Cloister Avenue, Fenwick Avenue and Capulet Grove, in South Shields.
A CHURCH cloister is to be transformed into Santa's grotto to raise money for the homeless.
The cloister gardens themselves, too, are delightful to sit in and to walk around, and the whole place is an oasis of peace and calm in a busy city.
Thibault's winning design of a low-rise structure embedded in the forest keeps faith with the traditional relationship between cloister and church.
For the third year in a row, Five-Star Awards were bestowed on The Cloister, The Cloister Spa, the Georgian Room at The Cloister and The Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club.
Patton's essay uses the minute but intriguing detail of a carved Islamic book-cover flap in a capital of the Romanesque cloister of Santa Maria la Mayor in Tudela as a touchstone for a broader discussion of the Christian tendency to conflate Jewish and Islamic attributes when portraying the non-believing "other.