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I hear the familiar clomp, clomp, clomp of my boots and think to myself, I'm not wearing these boots again either
She had laminate floors and every morning between 6am until 7am she would clomp, clomp, clomp around her house in her high heels on the laminate flooring.
Listening now, that was stupid, but my initial instinct originated from the thick husk of her voice over simple chords and a plodding drum clomp.
Premise is a fast, flee-form clomp through theories about the universe, as figured consecutively by Aristotle, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein and recent quantum physicists.
It's all so convenient to the mountain and its major lifts that you can just about ski to its edge, then clomp into a cafe or a condo in ski boots.
Clomp through Colorado's snowdrifts with the help of this Sunset contributor, who details more than 160 snowshoe trails throughout the state.
Ellen Murray (-2) won division one of a bogey clomp and Linda Tremaye (+4) division two.
That means the players have to clomp up and down stairways to get to the rink, but they managed fine yesterday.
McGrath was in "Spamalot" for two-and-a-half years, and besides perfecting the coconut clomp he danced a lot as well.
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The painting by fictional artist Van Clomp was fought over by the French wartime resistance and the German occupiers.
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