close association

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The author goes into the question of the close association of the then Edgar Caswall with Mesmer in Paris.
Jostled, but obstinate, he would remain there, trying to express the view newly opened to his sympathies of the human and equine misery in close association.
The chart is dated at a time when Morstan was brought into close association with convicts.
All that evidence adduced by the prosecution demonstrates, you may think, quite clearly is a close association between Steve Wright and the five young women who died - and a close association between them and him not many hours before they died.
The Branching Out project looked at the history of the Birmingham School of Art and its close association of the Erdington School of Art - now the Osborne Adult Education Centre.
The author then focuses on Churchill's close association with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and cooperation with the US during WW II.
A study of 21 European countries found a close association between access to indoor swimming pools and respiratory problems in children.
BRMTA's teachers also benefit from a close association with Louisiana State University through use of the school's facilities and the services of its music faculty.
As a former chairman of FEI Canada, former director of FEI and FEI member for over 30 years, I find it strange that in an article entitled, "FEI Becomes a Global Resource" (March 2006) there was no mention of FEI's close association with Canada, which began in the late 1940s and predated by many years any association with Mexico or any other country.
We don't necessarily all love each other, but we have a close association.
The effort puts the office in close association with all the military services, military and commercial laboratories, and private companies.
His close association with John Tishman dates back to 1984 when they collaborated on the construction of the original 7 World Trade Center, which along with the Twin Towers, collapsed on 9/11/01.