close correspondence

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She had always kept up a close correspondence with her brother, and the accounts she heard of Prince Alphege made her long to become acquainted with so charming a nephew.
It was he who had kept up an unaccountable and close correspondence with a young lady whose whole letter-bag was intercepted, by the extraordinary trick of photographing his messages infinitesimally small upon the slides of a microscope.
We're in close correspondence with paranormal investigators who help us evolve the ETC to better tap its potential in the emerging world of paranormal investigation.
The fundamentals of smart antenna applications are in close correspondence with microphone and speaker arrays in directive sound processing systems and they have also found practical use in geophysical, astrophysical and biomedical engineering as well as in Entertainment.
The magnetic response obtained during the survey shows a very close correspondence between the major HLEM conductor and a magnetic high lineament.
Yet, he finds a close correspondence in the treatment involving the wearing of ribbons and other insignia on uniforms of employees in contact with the public.
Thus, it is implicit that the content of assessment must bear a close correspondence to the content of instruction (Armbruster, Stevens, & Rosenshine, 1977, p.
Figure 7 reveals a close correspondence between a known Prudhoe Bay Crude and an unknown real-world sample received in isopropyl alcohol.
There was a close correspondence between shareholdings and compensation patterns.
This interpretation reflects a close correspondence with Article IX, which contemplates a reallocation of "profits" to accord with what would have been appropriate for dealings between independent enterprises,(21) and with comments in this vein by the OECD in the OECD Guidelines.
The book overall is remarkably successful, in large part because the ambitious time span from just before the conquest to the present - is balanced by a narrow topical focus and the close correspondence of theoretical and methodological approaches among the various authors.
These tiles, with model parameters selected to produce 20[degrees] gloss values of 80, 60, 40, and 20, create a close correspondence between appearance and gloss value.