close fast

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Insiders claim that the 47-year-old songstress "gets really excited" when she sees Drake, 30, as the two have "gotten very close fast.
Washing machines and dishwashers are prime suspects because their automatic valves close fast.
We knew these guys could close and could close fast, they had all the financing wrapped up," said Adam Rose, president of Rose Associates, the Rose family's real estate firm.
Willie The Bold will close fast from three-quarter stage and looks the danger.
Then, the Dynamiters watched crosstown and Pacific League rival Hoover close fast but too late with two touchdowns in the final 17 seconds of the 73rd Glendale-Hoover football game.
In-form Cuban Mister should close fast on leader, but maybe too late.
Kennelmate Mark One will take the field along at a merry pace to last bend where Corrie should close fast and prove best on dash to line.
Impy Imp will will close fast from the last bend, but Tara should have enough.