close look

See: scrutiny
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Prompted by that oddity, Keck's team took a close look at the shape of the D.
Before it goes, take a close look at the exterior rubber lines and hoses.
A close look reveals de Monchaux's obsessive attention to the details of fabrication and the elegance of her constructions.
Jon Kang, senior vice president, Samsung Semiconductor will take a close look at the future of consumer electronics powered by semiconductors.
Before leaving on the next mission, take a close look under your vehicle.
While you're checking the oil level, take a close look at the dipstick tube for cracks or leaks.
A close look at trilobite fossils suggests that a type called olenid trilobites farmed bacteria, says a London researcher.
The sessions will take a close look at subjects such as interchange, legislation and regulation, compliance, emerging card technologies, consumer awareness and marketing strategies, loyalty programs, fee structures, and risk and fraud.
So take a close look at the sides of the grooves on each pulley.
Big cheer: Other than Busch's victory, or maybe the introduction of Earnhardt, the biggest cheer of the day belonged to prerace ceremonies conducted by the California National Guard, which included a close look at Blackhawk helicopters.
When scientists take a close look at a brain devastated by Alzheimer's disease, they see plaques and tangles littering the tissue.
took a close look at the immune system gene because it's in a chromosomal region that past studies had linked to prostate cancer.