close observation

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She was secretly convinced, though she had no other grounds than her close observation of old Featherstone's nature, that in spite of his fondness for having the Vincys about him, they were as likely to be disappointed as any of the relations whom he kept at a distance.
Then he descended into the hall, bought a newspaper, and from a convenient easy-chair kept a close observation upon every one who passed to and fro for about an hour.
There was ample time to note these particulars, for besides that they were sufficiently obvious without very close observation, some moments elapsed before any one broke silence.
He took little heed of this at first; but the boy remained in the same attitude of close observation so long, that Oliver raised his head, and returned his steady look.
I might have a misgiving that I am 'meandering' in stopping to say this, but that it brings me to remark that I build these conclusions, in part upon my own experience of myself; and if it should appear from anything I may set down in this narrative that I was a child of close observation, or that as a man I have a strong memory of my childhood, I undoubtedly lay claim to both of these characteristics.
The terror attacks in Paris and the heightened security in Germany have changes the situation for Christmas markets, as they have been placed under close observation by the police and security services.
They require diligent maintenance, and close observation if homeowners want to keep them functioning in tip-top shape.
In mid-August, at a breeding facility with 300 monkeys, fourteen tested positive for the virus; 10 monkeys died of the virus, and the four that are alive were placed under close observation, the agriculture department said in a statement.
Although not in isolation, family members who had been in direct contact with the patient are currently under close observation by medical personnel in their home.
While we take note that the Government of Sudan recently allowed access to UNAMID to investigate these allegations, we regret the fact that initial access was denied, and after significant delays, access to potential witnesses and victims was only allowed under close observation of Sudanese security officials," Psaki said.
Close observation to detect signs of sleep problems and insomnia, listening carefully to what they say about sleep problems and their complaints about sleep, evaluating their sleeping habits and influencing factors, and implementing interventions for the problem are important (Chen et al 2010; Lai and Good 2005; Ancoli-Israel 2004).
A close observation revealed a few distinguishing features in the found tardigrades: they has red orange pads behind their claws and a distinctive pattern of hair on its body.