close together

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Reindeer are pack animals and are often close together.
Pasquale informed the committee that, Were concerned about our firefighters stretching hose lines to building where they cant get the hose line to, and were concerned about the potential for conflagrations when you have overhangs and buildings be too close together.
Witness Nick Bayes, from Andover, said he saw about 12 planes in the air when the accident happened, some of which seemed to him to be flying close together.
You can't assume that because A and B are close together in the monkey brain, they need to be close together in the human brain," Vanduffel said.
50 homes (short term rentals) located close together.
dense is used of something in which the parts are very close together.
Mosaics are made with small pieces of paper, glass, tile, or other material pressed close together to make a large image.
Plant them reasonably close together but allow space to spread.
Researchers found that British birds now in decline were clustered close together on the same branches of the tree.
Normally, as galaxies travel through the universe, gravity keeps dark and ordinary matter close together, so the invisible substance can't be distinguished.
It's great Jambos fans are queuing up to see their side but having rival supporters so close together for what could be a potential title decider is dangerous.