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Select a close-fitting inner container from MIL-STD-2073-1 or the container specified by the contract or order.
Sexy really shows the shape of the body, is really close-fitting and looks like how men want to see a women.
Designer Alber Elbaz is know for his close-fitting dresses, and has been described by critics as "every woman's darling.
Excellent for use in manufacturing industries, it has a slimline hinge, grips the head fast at the temple and is fashionably close-fitting.
This lightweight and close-fitting jacket offers wind and cold protection thanks to the "strategically-placed Tech Dry ST fabric that cuts the wind and provides strategic splash protection".
Bullock was wearing a close-fitting black dress and received a standing ovation, according to USA Today.
In a close-fitting bodysuit and silver headdress, she was part Barbarella, part Amazonian queen, the band resembling some kind of glam biker gang - smeared make-up, silver trousers and leather.
As an alternative to a jacket or blouson, the rustic knit is paired with the elegance of close-fitting tweed or velvet trousers.
Instead, traditional close-fitting internal doors will give adequate protection to hold back a fire and enable occupants to escape.
Permatex Gel Threadlockers flow easily into threads, even in blind holes, and cure in the absence of air once confined between close-fitting metal surfaces.
Martin Evans, a BBC Radio Gloucestershire worker - who is 6ft tall, weighs 20st and has a 48 inch waist - will step into the close-fitting green costume.
The close-fitting deep socket of the extension supports the tap, which is held firmly in place by two socket setscrews bearing 90 degrees apart on the square of the tap.