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As described earlier, those who tend to see things in black and white terms do not handle ambiguity well and might be close-minded.
Many shareholders are upset with the close-minded approach of Sun-Rype management and the BCFGA to our premium offer.
Islamophobia is close-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims.
Don't think: So now liberals can be as close-minded, pedantic and knob- headed as conservative talk-radio hosts, and Marc Maron and Randi Rhodes prove that lefties can be as self-obsessed and dismissive of the needs of others as any right-winger.
People are close-minded towards it; it's easy for people to write it off.
Beliefs, de Mello taught, trap us into close-minded positions, but faith assures us that it is God who is really the faithful One.
The suffering family's head told the police: "They want me to move from here because we are not as close-minded as these people.
I, therefore, cannot see a justification for this close-minded motto, because if mottos like this were to become the norm, then the world would be in big trouble, wouldn't it?
It just can't be a close-minded meeting,'' Sheffield said Wednesday in breaking his three-day silence.
13) and the indignation and moral outrage expressed by her against close-minded people and media that repeatedly asked: Is our country ready for this - i.
Washington June 28 (ANI): Can music really make us close-minded and prejudiced?
Coming on top of its attempt to ban alcohol and tobacco advertising on billboards and a television program that parodies the life of President Lincoln because of its racial undertones, the council is making a fool of itself and revealing just how close-minded its members are.